The solution. Microsoft Cloud Products.

Microsoft have a broad range of cloud enabled products and services optimised for small to medium enterprise and available to New Zealand business’s countrywide. Office 365 [SharePoint, Skype for Business, Yammer, Emails] and Azure [Backup, Disaster Recovery, line of business applications, websites] allows a business to run minimal or no hardware on premise yet maximise collaboration, productivity, security and continuity.


My business is running Office 365 for emails, what other services are available?

Great, you’ve already taken the first step to Cloud enablement. Some other great services in the Office 365 suite include:

SharePoint Online – a collaboration and document management system with advanced search functionality and data categorisation. A feature rich replacement for traditional file shares.

Skype for Business – the ultimate communications tool with instant messaging, online meetings, video conferencing and more. Fully integrated with Outlook for easier scheduling.

Yammer – A personalised and private social media platform for your business to collaborate and keep up to date on what’s happening. Easily invite external parties to your conversations and provide visibility to help you make those critical decisions.

Chances are some or all of these services are already included in your Office 365 subscription and can be implemented at no additional licensing cost. Check today and see how you can further integrate your business systems.

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My business has moved on from legacy backup systems and are now running in Azure, is there more to business continuity?

Azure Backup is great for versioning and restoring files, or even entire servers, however it should not substitute a real disaster recovery service when it comes to keeping your business running. Backup will allow you to extract your data and recreate your systems, taking multiple days in some cases. Azure Site Recovery can have your business up and running in less than 20 minutes, leveraging the immense resources available in the Microsoft Datacentre. The best part is there’s only a small, per server fee with no operational costs until you trigger the switch to your backup server.

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What does a complete Microsoft Cloud Solution look like?

Where Office 365 drives your everyday productivity, collaboration and communications, Azure will take care of hosting your backups, disaster recovery and line of business applications on a secure and protected platform. Use Enterprise Mobility Suite to ensure your user experience and security is in line with your business policy while providing multiple quality of life features such as self-serviced password reset and automatic Wifi setup. We also fully support any on premise investments you have already made and are more than happy to work with you to achieve the best outcome for your business.

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What are some New Zealand businesses that have made the transformation to Azure and Office 365? How can I learn and benefit from these stories?

The only thing we love hearing more than our customers using our services, is hearing that our customers are having a fantastic time and that Microsoft has had a transformational impact on their business. Check out some of our local Azure and Office 365 customer success stories in the Discover More section below!

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What can you do today?

Check if your Office 365 license includes services you are currently not using – a great way to develop your business further using licenses you already own. Take a look at our customer stories and see how businesses like yours are leading the transformation, and how you can as well.

  1. 01 Review your licensing to see what services are available
  2. 02 Work with your Microsoft Partner, or let us know if you don’t have one
  3. 03 Check out what our customers are doing in the Cloud

Discover more.


Key takeaways

1 Make use of all the services Office 365 offer to maximise productivity, collaboration and communication through SharePoint Online, Skype for Business and Yammer.
2 Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility Suite integrate to provide a seamless work experience for businesses and its users.
3 Azure provides Enterprise grade services at SMB prices, allowing businesses to implement best practices normally out of reach.
4 See what others are doing today, what can be achieved, and how this benefits you.