The solution. Enterprise Mobility Suite.

Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) allows business to manage and secure their devices, their users, and their Intellectual Property. EMS works across all mobile platforms and supports windows and mac desktops. EMS also gives employees easier, more consistent access to applications, devices and websites like Facebook, Salesforce & Twitter with a single sign-on.


Why should I think about device security?

With more businesses adopting Cloud services and data being readily available anywhere, it’s important to think about how your users are using mobile devices and the way they are accessing company data. Do you have the necessary protection for a cloud first, mobile first world?

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How can I manage my company devices and data?

EMS gives businesses the ability to manage and protect data across all mobile platforms, and also Windows or Mac workstations. Coupled with the Application Management feature which creates a corporate data protected space, EMS enables businesses to achieve a high level of security independent of device or location.

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Do I really know what cloud services my business is using?

EMS CloudApp discovery can report which websites or cloud applications your business is consuming, providing insights into analysing your business processes and behaviour.

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How do I create a safe and productive mobile work environment?

EMS together with Office 365 provides a secure environment for remote workers, mobile workers and Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) into the business.

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In the world of Cloud services how do I maintain my user identity?

EMS provides identity services which include the ability to sign in to 2500+ online services using one account, as well as providing a self-service password reset function. For added security EMS also comes with multi factor authentication to ensure you have the extra layer of protection for your business applications.

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How can I protect my confidential emails and documents?

EMS provides the ability to set rules and restrictions on emails, protecting your critical documents so only authorised people can access the contents. EMS also protects your documents from being screenshotted or copied to a non-approved application.

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What can you do today?

Review your business and see if your data is readily available outside of the office e.g. mobile phones or remote staff. If you don't currently have a device management policy in place maybe it's time to start thinking about one – especially if your business embraces Bring Your Own Devices.

  1. 01 Review your business.
  2. 02 Think about a device management policy.
  3. 03 Contact a specialist.

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Key takeaways

1 EMS can protect and manage my devices and applications.
2 EMS can manage my user identity, adding extra security to mitigate attacks.
3 EMS rights management lets me secure my information, reducing the chances of an accidental data leak.
4 EMS is the most cost effective, unified solution combining security, identity, device management and data protection for a monthly per user price.